Registration is 11 500 CZK (about 450 Euro) for standard participants and 7 700 CZK (about 300 Euro) for student participants.

It includes participation at the conference and conference-related events, as well as steamboat conference dinner.

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Abstract Submission

Abstracts should be formatted as per the example below.

Please, send a Word file (not pdf!!!) via the link below. The abstract should be written in Times New Roman, font 12 with line spacing 1. 6 point spacing between paragraphs. Allow for a 3 cm margin at the top, left and right. Underline the presenting author. The abstract should not be longer than 1 page with at least a 3 cm margin at the bottom. You can include references and illustrations if you consider them necessary to accompany your Abstract.

When submitting the Abstract, include a statement whether you wish your contribution to be considered for an oral presentation and for Travel Award. Omit these statements in case you don not want to be considered for the Travel Award or Oral presentation (or if you are already an invited speaker).

Abstract acceptance requires registration. Application for a travel award will only be considered for the registered participants.

Example of Abstract formatting:

Novel therapy of hard-to-treat cancers by mitochondrial targeting

Amber A , 1 Brown B, 2 and Crimson C 31 University of ..., City, Country; 2 University of ..., City, Country; 3 University of ..., City, Country; e-mail (of presenting author)

Cancer is a pathology that is still very hard to treat. Here we show that targeting mitochondria allows for a novel approach...

I would like my contribution to be considered for oral presentation.

I would like to be considered for a Travel Award.

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